Love my kids

Love my kids
Afternoon at Disney

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Memorial Day Weekend!

We enjoyed a nice memorial day weekend together. Having 3 days off was really nice! It's actually been really slow at work, it looks like for the first time in years we're gonna have a normal slow summer season.....and I plan to enjoy every second of it!

On Saturday we went to Melbourne beach. With tropical storm Beryl coming towards Jacksonville the waves were REALLY ROUGH! When we parked we noticed the Deskin's truck so we found them and hung out. The waves were too rough for Baylee she didn't go in very far. Cooper was his usual "I'm not scarred of anything self" and got in some excellent boogie boarding, Harper is following in her brother's footsteps of not being afraid of water so she kept wanting to run into the waves. Adam had fun playing in the water and making sand castles with Coop, Peanut and Malachi. I actually got taken down by a wave! First time in years! AND I lost my favorite Kate Spade sunglasses! The next two days I felt super sore and beat up from the waves, but the water temp was perfect, there was a nice breeze, and we had good all in all a great day at the beach!

The water felt great:

The waves don't look that big but they felt it:

working on a sand castle

Adam is such a big kid!

In about 2 hours the tide came up and washed it away....

waves look pretty rough here

this was about as far out as Baylee went...

Haper just kept wanting to jump in the waves, she didn't care if they knocked her down...

I love Instagram, it makes my pictures look so pretty...Thanks Bernadette for tipping me off!

On Monday we had LOTS and LOTS of rain from Beryl so we decided to go bowling. The kids are really having a great time with bowling this summer.

Cooper even loves watching bowling on TV, he gets all into it and starts yelling at the TV

too cute!

cannot believe how grown up Baylee is getting:

Mr. Serious....

No pictures of Peanut who was having a rough day and didn't want to be photographed!

After bowling we came home and Adam made homemade baked potato cheese soup! It sure did hit the spot in the rainy weather. We spent the rest of the evening just enjoying each others company, relaxing and getting ready for the last 8 days of school!