Love my kids

Love my kids
Afternoon at Disney

Thursday, June 28, 2012


So here we are again at West Palm Beach for our annual mini vacation! It's hard to believe we've been coming here for 9 years now!!!! Wow a lot has changed in that time, lots of good times, a few bad times, but I think for the most part it's been a great 9 years. So the weather today was mostly rainy until this evening but that was kind of a good wasn't too hot and the water was nice and cool! Not much has changed at the Marriott. We've got a nice suite with an awesome view. Had dinner tonight at the Tiki Bar and it was really yummy. The best part one of the best parts of this Marriott is that Adam hates the beds here so he sleeps in the living room on the pull out sofa and I get the big comfy king bed all to myself!!! Some of today's photos:

Leaving for vacation:

Harper and Malachi


Harper, Malachi, Aunt Ashley

Harper and Malachi

Harper Fish

So Handsome!

Baylee and Carissa


Baylee and Chase

Hula Hooping


Carissa and Josh

Harper and Malachi

Delany and Aunt Ashley


Harper and Delany

View from the blacony

View from the balcony

View from the balcony:

Getting ready to play some ping pong

Cooper loves any sport...I guess ping pong is a sport

Harper swimming under water

there goes Harper Fish

Dinner at the Tiki Bar

the best part of dinner at the Tiki Bar

Baylee ping ponging it up


view from the room at night