Love my kids

Love my kids
Afternoon at Disney

Friday, May 25, 2012

Family Fun Day

This past Saturday we had Family Fun Day!!! That included a little shopping (what fun day doesn't), some eating out, The Avengers movie, bowling AND watching a movie together that night at home! All the kids liked The Avengers, the biggest kid (Adam) liked it the most! Harper was a little scared of previews before the movie, but it was nothing a little lot of  popcorn couldn't cure.

Peanut outside of the theatre 

Cooper looks like a demon rocker

After the movie we went bowling, the AMF summer bowl program is good on the weekend too this year. The kids love to bowl, Cooper's even pretty good at it (surprise, surprise).

Beautiful Baylee

what a handsome little man!

The kids are getting excited for summer break! A few days ago we made a summer vacation chain count down. The kids thought about their favorite summer memories and we put them on the inside and every night we pull one off and talk about it.

We rounded out the weekend with a little pool time. Harper has turned into quite a little swimmer, or Harper Fish as she likes to be called when she's swimming. 

Cooper perfected jumping off the diving board and landing in the green tube...all with a flip thrown in:

jumping off the diving board in a float

Harper Fish