Love my kids

Love my kids
Afternoon at Disney

Saturday, June 23, 2012

June 16 - June 22

Another awesome week in the Richard's household! Busy but Awesome!! Saturday we hung out, went to lunch at Buffalo Wild Wings, took Grandpa Bob his Father's Day gift, then stopped by Dairy Queen for ice cream! Saturday night was family movie night, I LOVE cuddling on the couch with the kids watching movies! Sunday was Father's Day and swimming at Grandpa's. Sunday night Cooper talked us into ordering the WWE pay per view, in the last few months he has really gotten into watching wrestling. We had the Robbie, Heather, Garrett and Levi over for dinner and to watch it with us, it was a lot of fun! Monday Cooper had a dr's appointment, his developmental pediatrician had tested him a few weeks ago and she had diagnosed him with ADD and a reading comprehension learning disability. That would explain all the trouble he's having with reading while excelling at math. I'm just glad we know what's wrong and we're learning ways to help him with it. She also put him on ADD meds, we're experimenting with them to figure out what's best for him before he goes back to school.

Cooper also stay busy this week with a speed and agility camp, as well as his normal team gymnastics practice three times a week for two hours. Harper is really enjoying gymnastics too! Baylee loves the cheer kids are so athletic, they must get that from me! Kidding of course....The kids were also busy going to bible school at Canoe Creek Community Church. They said it was lots of fun! They spent the night with Aunt Holly and their cousins last night, only adding to the good memories they're making this summer.....oh to be young again and be able to weeks of summer break!

The most exciting thing to happen this week: My big girl Baylee turned 10!!!! I can't believe I have a child in the double digits! Baylee is turning into the most amazing, beautiful, sweet, smart, caring (I could go on and on) young lady. I can't believe how lucky we are to have her and we're soooooooo proud of her. She's such a great daughter, big sister, friend....

cupcake at Holly's house

Harper and her fake teeth...they almost look real

well not in this picture!

having ice cream at DQ

holding Briella....LOVE her hairband

Peanut sure does love her baby cousin

a little gymnastics video of Cooper and Coach Eddie (yes it's the same coach that he had for wrestling, no Coach Eddie is NOT Cooper's personal some people thought, he's just a great guy who coaches wrestling and gymanstics and one of the only people that Cooper really listens too)