Love my kids

Love my kids
Afternoon at Disney

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Last Wrestling Tournament...well for a few months anyway

Today was the last wrestling tournament for a while. We're all taking the summer off! Cooper had a great time learning all about wrestling from Coach Eddie these past several months, and we think Coach Eddie did a great job with all the boys! Cooper came in 1st in freestyle, 2nd in folk and 3rd in greco. For greco he had to wrestle up and he actually did a great job holding his own against the first boy (who weighed 10lbs more than Coop), he only lost to him by 1pt. He's second match was against one of his very best friends, Georgie. It was the first time Cooper has ever had to wrestle him since Georgie is bigger. Georgie picked him up and slammed him down and it was over quick! There's no one else Cooper would rather loose too though, and now he want's Georgie to teach him how to do it. After wrestling we went to Chevy's for a late lunch. It's one of our absolute favorite places to eat, we really had a great time. Afterwards Cooper went to spend the night with Georgie, he was super excited about it, he said "mom, I'm gonna tell Miss Kim and Big George thank you for letting me spend the night and I'm gonna give them big hugs!" We just love the Duncans!

Cooper on top of a kid...

Yes! Cooper wins!

What a bunch of goofballs!

Just look at those beautiful blue eyes!

Great tournament boys!

Here's a few other photo's too:

I love when everyone piles in my bed! Even if it is on top of one another!

Just had to share: This was the cake Kim picked up for Maddie's softball party, the word "Rays" should have been above the picture...literally...

Also a video from gymnastics with Cooper and Coach Eddie:

Watch out 2020 Olympics! Here comes Cooper: