Love my kids

Love my kids
Afternoon at Disney

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

FCAT & Disney!

Baylee and Cooper had a very busy week this past week with FCATs. I'm so glad it's over! Now I'm sure neither will do much else the rest of the school year! They both have several field trips planned.

Harper also had an exciting week! She bad a field trip to the zoo and an Easter Egg hunt at school.

My peeps in the cafeteria at work made her a boxed lunch to take....she was so excited about it 

So of course after flag football on Saturday (a win from Baylee's team, a good effort but a loss for Coop) we went to Disney!

We split up for most of the visit. Baylee was super excited to get some Mickey Mouse ears and she wore them all day!

Tram ride

Harper says she wants this hat, when it gets colder out "cause it would be too hot on my head right now"

Harper got a very magical hair cut at Magic Kingdom...... complete with pixie dust!

Finally made it to Tom Sawyer Island!

Harper went on Space Mountain for the first time! She wanted to sit in the front! I thought she would be traumatized, but she LOVED it!

We met up with the boys after Space Mountain. Cooper found his first Hidden Micky!

Cooper and Adam LOVE the Micky Sorcerer game. The portals are especially  cool at night!

We ate at Casey's. I was NOT impressed!

Cooper on stage with Captin Jack!

Cooper got Baylee's friend/teammate Bryn a stuffed animal! 

We Got Our Magic Bands!

CTrue story: the tipping point in Adam deciding to get Disney passes was seeing our friends on Face Book showing off their magic bands! Whatever, I don't care! 

We ordered our bands on Monday, they came on Friday! Perfect timing for our afternoon/evening/night at Nagic Kingdom on Saturday!

Look at this princess

Lunch before heading to Disney

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Spring Break & Disney!

Spring break has come and gone, summer isn't too far away now!

The kids had an awesome spring break! Harper and Cooper went to a martial arts camp for the week. Baylee hung out w/ friends all week and went to Universal, bowling and the beach.

Baylee and Coop are playing flag football and having lots of fun!

I finally talked Adam into getting Disney passes this year!

The People Mover! My favorite ride!

My score on Toy Story!

Harper & Harper's Mill


Teacup selfies via Baylee

Harper and Briella at the park during flag football practice

Friday, March 7, 2014

County Fair, Rodeo, & Wrestling

We've had a very busy couple of weeks! We had Rodeo Day, football games in Port St Lucie, and a wrestling tournament in Naples. Oh and Baylee got her braces! Lots of pictures to follow.....

Lunch out

Followed by some bowling

Look at these two sweet boys

Harper sleeping at Holly's after Cydney's birthday party

Coop sleeping with Chance....shhh....don't tell Champ!

Dinner out with these two cutie dh

Having fun at the County Fair

Rodeo after the Fair

Port St Lucie football game

It was hot!

Baylee before braces

Baylee after

View and pictures from the Waldorf Astoria, we stayed there for Cooper's state wrestling tournament where he came in 3rd!!!

They had free iced coffee the Baylee loved!

The kids LOVED the pool and water slide!

How Baylee was sleeping the next morning...

So much attitude!

While Coop wrestled on Sunday we stayed at the pool and beach!

The beach was pretty but the water was still to cold for us Floridians!


Flowers Adam sent me just because...

Case management made two baskets for the Relay for Life basket auction

Last Saturday while Cooper and Adam were at another wrestling meet me and the girls went shopping!

Game on 3/15

Chase came over Saturday night, the boys watched Frozen 1/2 a dozen times

Happy St Patricks Day from Peanut

How Harp spends her Saturday mornings

She really liked the chair