Love my kids

Love my kids
Afternoon at Disney

Friday, August 29, 2014

This & That

The kids have been in school for 2 weeks now. They all seem to be loving it.

Baylee likes 7th grade, she hasn't had too much homework yet. Cross country has started & volleyball starts next week.

Cooper is doing great in 4th grade & has an awesome teacher. I think secretly he's even enjoying reading each night! Football is going great for him. He's doing a good job as QB & got in an awesome tackle last week.

Harper loves first grade! She doesn't really love all the homework though! She's also going to be starting piano lessons soon & I'd love to get her into Girl Scouts.

Adam is staying busy with work & coaching football. He did just buy a new car, it's odd because when he was picking it out one of the things he had to consider was that in 3 years it would more thank likely be Baylee's car. Hard to think of my baby as being able to drive in a few years!

We did get in a Disney & Beach day the weekend before school! 

Went to Magic Kingdom several times this summer but this was the first Dole Whip we got!

After Splash Mountain

LOVE the castle at night!

Tired! After a long day

It was a PERFECT day at the beach!

Coops getting pretty good at Skimboarding 

1st grade! Champ was very sad that all his friends were leaving

7th grade

4th grade

All ready for school

Coop & Bug at Chase's birthday party

What a dork!

My boys reading

End of summer.....

Well school starts in a few days! Baylee & Harper are excited, Cooper not so much. Football started August 1st, that will be a main focus for the next few months! Baylee got her 7th grade shots this week, only cried a little! Hoping to fit in another Disney trip & beach trip this weekend before school starts!

Sometimes Harper forgets that she's at the happiest place on Earth!

Dinner at The Burger Place in Melbourne

Coop skim boarding

Adam trying to skim board

Monday, August 4, 2014

2015 Vacation Fund Update

Change jar: $106
Checkout 51: $14
Shopmium: $1.50
Ibotta: $91
Ipoll: $15

Total: $227! My original August goal was $200! 

From points sites where I'll cash in the points for gift cards to use freeing up the cash:

Receipt Hog: 385
Panel App: 4,418
Kellogg's Rewards: 1440 (I have about a dozen codes to add)
Viggle: 3685
Swagbucks: 1029
Perk TV: 635

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Summer in FL

Well it's been hot and stormy! 

Harper went to overnight camp with her BFF Abbie, she had tons of fun and can't wait to go again next year!

Coops been at OD camp this week, from
8am-8pm. He's having fun but is exhausted.

Baylee's been spending the night and hanging out with friends.

I've had a horrible eye infection and have been out of work most of the week.

Other than that nothing too exciting going on. We went with friends to Blizzard Beach Sunday, that was so much fun until the rain came. 

A few pics:

We went indoor rock climbing Saturday, Harper loved it the most!

I wondered why Coop was in our bathroom so long:

Harper couldn't find her name so she decided to Have a Coke with her Michelle's :

Watching scary movies with Champ and Baylee:

Coop got in our tub again last night, he said "a bubble bath is more manly if I make a beard out of the bubbles"

Adam had to make a work trip to Bama so I got to sleep with this cutie

New totals for 2015 vacation fund!

Change jar: $44.35
Checkout 51: $4.75
Shopmium: $1.50
Ibotta: $33.25
Ipoll: $14

The rest are points that I'll cash in for gift cards freeing up the cash for the vacation fund:

Receipt hog: 290
Panel App: 3528
Kelloggs Rewards: 1410
Viggle: 2445 (I discovered hubby has 22,000+ pts)
Swagbucks: 1028
Perk TV: 599

Almost $98! Goal is $100 a month! 

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

July 2015

It's in a year, and I need to save up for vacation! Gatlinburg of course! I'm thinking we will need a minimum $4000. I want to get as much as I can from "found" money. That includes:

~ Left over cash from the monthly grocery budget, added to the money jar:

~ Change added to the money jar: $38.10 right now

~ Checkout 51: $3.25

~ Shopmium: $1.50

~ iBotta: $20.50

~ Receipthog: 180 coins...need 820 more for $5

~ iPoll: $8.50

~ Panel App: 3,224 points, $2 w/ 224 points left over

~ Kellogg's Rewards: 1,110 points...will cash out for gift cards and put the gift card amount in vacation fund

~ Viggle: 1863 points...will cash out for gift cards and put the gift card amount in vacation fund

~ Swagbuck: 1,020 points

~ Perk TV: 575 points

My goal is $100 a month in "found money"

A few pics: 

Lunch Saturday at The COOP in Winter Park, we got a 12 piece bucket of chicken, 3 sides and some maple cornbread

Coop at The Coop...we even got him a tshirt

Creepers in Hobby Lobby

Family Game Night, we're really loving rummy right now

Baylee at work with me today

West Palm Beach

Well it's hard to believe we've been going to Singer Island for 12 years! The older the kids get, the more I enjoy it! Baylee and Cooper made friends with some other kids, between them and Halls I hardly saw them.

Peanut and Bug....very tired!

Coop always gets to be top of the tower