Love my kids

Love my kids
Afternoon at Disney

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Baylee's Birthday & OD Camp

It's hard to believe my sweet Baylee is thirteen! We basically had a week long celebration! Her birthday weekend was spent at Holly's with a sleepover & this past weekend I took her & Carissa to the B Resort & diner at Downtown Disney.


Bubby had a great time at OD camp this past week!

He made new friends:

An older boy that he really looks up to was there

And Cooper was the MVP of the week!

Must do better

Must do better....

At updating this thing

Great things have happened! 

School has ended! The kids all had a great year! Baylee made straight A's! Coop stayed on the honor role too.

Baylee's thankful that our kids go to such a great school & have such great friends!

Flag football is over! Cooper & Harper's team won their championship game. Baylee & Coach Adam won their championship game too! Less than 30 until tackle & cheer....

It's hard work being Cooper

Harper had so much fun playing on her brother's team



Live my 3 little athletes!

We made our 13th family trip to Singer Island!

Coop caught a fish with his hands

Fun at Holly's:

Coop enjoying an ice cream at Cecil's 


These girls are trouble

Monday, May 4, 2015

This & That

Flag football is in full swing! Both kids' teams (& Coach Adam) are undefeated. 

We all cannot wait for school to be over!

Here's a few pictures:

Sweet baby Jazzlynn at a flag game

Cooper did not want a congratulations kiss from Cydney

Harper & Bubba


I got to babysit the sweetest girl in the world:

It was HARD work! No way could I do it all over again with a baby!

Champ says "babysitting is hard"

The girls after their first win:
The cutest QB ever


Cooper & Champ fell asleep in my room:

Wrestling tournament 

Sunday, April 12, 2015

April Showers....

April is going great! We had a great day last Saturday at Blizzard Beach, then had a yummy dinner at Giodano's. Last Sunday was Easter! We had a great time with family at the Hall's! 

This past week was Cooper & Harper's first flag football game of the season (Harper's first game EVER!) They did awesome & won! Baylee & Coach Adam's (dad) first game is this week. 

Report cards came out Friday! Baylee made STRAIGHT A's!!!! Cooper would have made honor roll except for writing. 

Cooper had a wrestling tournament this weekend & came in 1st!!! Baylee spent the weekend with Macey. Harper had a sleepover Saturday night with Hayden. 

Today we went back to the Hall's for Briella's birthday.


Sweet baby Lucas

Playing in the pond

Best friends

1st Flag Game

Harper used Baylee's ipad to FaceTime Champ

Champ was sad that Coop left for the weekend

Getting ready to sleep in dad's spot

Lunch with this cutie

Wrestling tournament 

Got see sweet baby Jazlynn today