Love my kids

Love my kids
Afternoon at Disney

Monday, March 13, 2017

2017 Already!

Ok, I AM going to do better at updating this thing!

Exciting happenings the last 3-4 months:

We did a big vacation the last two weeks of December to Gatlinburg and Myrtle Beach!

We FINALLY closed on our new house!

We have a new baby on the way!

Kids are keeping us super busy! Baylee is doing club volleyball and flag football just started. Cooper is doing 8 on 8 football and Harper is just being Harper.

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Football Weekend!

We had an awesome weekend! Cooper's (and Coach Adam) football team made it to regionals. First Harmony Pop Warner team to make it that far! The game was in Ft Myers so I took Friday off. The kids and I left early and went to the beach, that was lots of fun. They really enjoyed having dinner with all their friends and staying at the hotel with them. We lost the game on Saturday but it was still a good season.

After the game we drove to Sarasota to eat at one of the Amish places, so so good! Then we drove into Tampa and got a room for the night. Took the kids to a trampoline place and had dinner.

Baylee had never used a pay phone before:

We got up Sunday morning and went to Busch Gardens! That was lots of fun.

Harper had a long weekend

Champ was glad to come home from the kennel 

Busy week this week. Baylee has a weight lifting meet, where because she's bad ass, she'll be on the varsity team. Cooper had his first wrestling practice last night and Harper has a birthday coming up. Looking forward to just relaxing this weekend!

Ok so I obviously suck at this....

I I must update this weekly...I must. So since summer a lot has happened.

Baylee is doing awesome in high school. She had a great volleyball season, and did some AAU flag football tournaments, which meant some great weekends traveling to Tampa. She's doing weight lifting now and helping manage the wrestling team. Club volleyball starts any second....

Cooper (and coach Adam) had a great football season. Made it all the way to regionals. He's loving middle school and wrestling season started last night.

Harper had a great cheer season but is glad it's over. She made the honor roll the first nine weeks and is doing great in 3rd grade!

In other news our house will be finished in mid January and we're planning a Christmas trip to Gatlinburg.

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Summertime Shenanigans

School will start in a few short weeks....kind of looking forward to schedules, early bedtimes and of course football.

The kids have had an awesome summer. They weren't home much and I don't we hardly ever saw all three at the same time.

Baylee turned 14, her small party ended up with what I think was half the high school!

They had fun on the waterslide:

And the pond

Harper and Elephante:

What a handsome devil:

Stopped at Moos for ice cream and a little cow milking:

The kids favorite part of grocery shopping:

4th of July...miserably hot!!!!:

Baylee decided she was going to play basketball this may not be her sport but she sure had fun doing the workouts and open gym:

I did a solo trip to VA!

I even did a solo hike to Comer's Creek Falls:

Harp saved her money up to buy herself some macaroons

Sunday, June 19, 2016


Spent the last week on vacation, took the annual trip to Singer Island, Coop & Adam went football camp, me & the girls drove around south FL.


Cousins & BFF's

View from the cabana. I didn't even go down to the ocean

Baylee getting ready to play some beach VB. She played for hours everyday 

Bubby didn't feel good

A few of the cousins

Jake turned 21 while we were there, since I'm an awesome aunt

Coop & Adam left early for football camp at Notre Dame!

Having some ice cream

The fire alarms went off at 12:40, totally traumatized Harper

The older kids made the best of it

The Sailfish Marina

After leaving Singer Island we drove down to Ft Lauderdale. Baylee wanted pizza so we had the best pizza on the beach! It was a little rainy so we just walked around a bit, went into some touristy shops then had ice cream before we left

Then at older daughters request we went to Miami. I'm much too old for this city! I hate the traffic, there's no parking, the people are crazy! The kids loved it though! We went to the beach, then sightseeing, then to Dave & Busters. Harper wanted to eat somewhere she picked out The Cheesecake Factory.

Miami Beach

View from the room

We drove through the Everglades the next morning then to Sanibel & Captiva. Spent some time on the beach then shopped a little. Took the long scenic route home & enjoyed hanging out & talking with my girls.


Millions of shells