Love my kids

Love my kids
Afternoon at Disney

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Fall Break

The kids had Fall Break on Friday & Monday. I took Friday off & we met up with friends at Disney, then had dinner at Girodano's to celebrate the anniversary of my 29th birthday. On Saturday we took Cooper & Harper to Blizzard Beach. Baylee went to the cheerleading competition. 

Cooper & Adam's last scheduled football game was Sunday, they finished out the season with a win! I think they have some sort of bowl game in a few weeks.

Coop got soaked on the water ride

LOVE this pizza!

You are what you eat!

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Finally Fall!

It's starting to cool down a little! Highs are only in the mid 80's!

I booked our hotel for the Gatlinburg vacation 7/2015! So excited about that one! 

This is the last week of football for Adam
& Cooper! Thank goodness!

Animal Kingdom

LOVE the Lion King show!

Adam & Baylee BOTH went on Everest! It's not as scary as they look

Coop & Bug

Harp & Ashley
Getting ready to watch the homecoming parade

Peanut got so much candy! I woke to her like this the next morning....sleeping in my bed with her bag of candy

Bingo for books! They had pizza

Baylee & Brittney

Baylee & her boyfriend

Lunch at 4 Rivers

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

2015 Vacation Fund Update

Change Jar: $146
Checkout 51: $26.25
Shopmium: $3.50
IBotta: $128
IPoll: $15

That's $318.60! If I can get $50 a month for the next 9 months that will cover the hotel cost

Plus I've added WM Savings Catcher: $5.82 in 3 weeks

All of the following I'll use for gift cards & put the amount of the gift cards into my vacation fund. Or a few will give me Pay Pal money.

Recept Hog: 770
Panel App: 6,282
Kellogg's Rewards: 2,200 but I'm about to use those for good coupons for groceries this week
Viggle: 4,447
Swagbucks: 1,045
Perk TV: 679

Saturday, September 27, 2014

September in pictures

Coop & Adam are having an awesome football season!

We went to Dick's Last Resort for lunch

Then we went & had the most awesome evening/night at Magic Kingdom! We Fast Passes & didn't have to wait in line for ANYTHING! 

Dole Whips!

Driving on the Speedway

Took another snack break for Micky pretzels & cream cheese pretzels

Buzz Lightyear

Coop had been asking all summer for a Turkey Leg! 

He really enjoyed it!

So did Peanut

Baylee got her favorite, Mike, in her pin package

Coop had also been asking for these all summer. He loves them & even slept with them.

Champ is a lazy boy

Harp had a Lemonaide stand, and made $3!!!

Dad, Cooper & Champ watching the ND game

Champ says "I wanna sit on your lap too Dad!"

We also had a candy apple bar

What a sweet boy 

My silly girls

Another day of football

My boys tired after football practice

UCF game with his buddy Ben

Really enjoying the books he got at the book fair

It's hard work getting ready for a game