Love my kids

Love my kids
Afternoon at Disney

Monday, May 4, 2015

This & That

Flag football is in full swing! Both kids' teams (& Coach Adam) are undefeated. 

We all cannot wait for school to be over!

Here's a few pictures:

Sweet baby Jazzlynn at a flag game

Cooper did not want a congratulations kiss from Cydney

Harper & Bubba


I got to babysit the sweetest girl in the world:

It was HARD work! No way could I do it all over again with a baby!

Champ says "babysitting is hard"

The girls after their first win:
The cutest QB ever


Cooper & Champ fell asleep in my room:

Wrestling tournament 

Sunday, April 12, 2015

April Showers....

April is going great! We had a great day last Saturday at Blizzard Beach, then had a yummy dinner at Giodano's. Last Sunday was Easter! We had a great time with family at the Hall's! 

This past week was Cooper & Harper's first flag football game of the season (Harper's first game EVER!) They did awesome & won! Baylee & Coach Adam's (dad) first game is this week. 

Report cards came out Friday! Baylee made STRAIGHT A's!!!! Cooper would have made honor roll except for writing. 

Cooper had a wrestling tournament this weekend & came in 1st!!! Baylee spent the weekend with Macey. Harper had a sleepover Saturday night with Hayden. 

Today we went back to the Hall's for Briella's birthday.


Sweet baby Lucas

Playing in the pond

Best friends

1st Flag Game

Harper used Baylee's ipad to FaceTime Champ

Champ was sad that Coop left for the weekend

Getting ready to sleep in dad's spot

Lunch with this cutie

Wrestling tournament 

Got see sweet baby Jazlynn today

Friday, April 3, 2015

Enjoying our Spring!

Spring break has come & gone! That means school is quickly coming to an end! I'm more excited about it than the kids!!! We didn't go anywhere for Spring Break this year since Cooper had a state wrestling meet the weekend after.

March has been really hot! We skipped Spring & went straight to Summer! That means enjoying a fun day at the beach!

Harper got to go to an Orlando City game with dad & Chad & Michelle's family. She LOVED it!

She said "mom, I'm not drinking beer, I promise. Some people were drinking beer but not me"

So we're headed to Blizzard Beach tomorrow to enjoy our last day with our Disney passes. We've decided to take 12-18mths off. If you go all the time Disney starts to lose it's magic. Also there's lots more we want to do but fill like every time we have a free day/night we end up there.

The girls spent the day baking last weekend!

Friday, March 13, 2015

Sunday Funday!

Flag football is in full swing! Harper & Coop are so cute playing on the same flag football team! Baylee is playing double right now...middle school code flag & PW flag. Adam is coaching Baylee's PW team, they haven't killed each other yet but it's only been one practice!

Adam & Cooper got season tickets to the Orlando City soccer season & went to their first game yesterday. I hate soccer, it's sooooo boring! But I'm sure Adam & the kids will have fun at the games.

Since the boys were having a "boys day" Harper wanted to have a "girls day", so the girls headed to, where else, Disney! It was nice and warm out! Not quite hot yet, but warm!

Busy week of wrestling & flag football games & practices coming up!

Soccer cutie

Looks like they have good seats

Fun with my girls!

Too cool for Space Mountain!

We got stopped on The People Mover

Our view from The People Mover

Baylee on Splash Mountain

The girls got Starbucks on the way out, when they asked for a name Baylee said Rupanzel

All in all it was a great day!