Love my kids

Love my kids
Afternoon at Disney

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Will The Rain Ever End?

Of course it will...but it's been raining for a week now thanks to tropical storm Debbie. I've kind of enjoyed it though. The kids have been forced to stay in for the most part and Adam and I have been forced to entertain the kids! We've cooked, played games, watched movies, tye dyed shirts, and organized closets. Today was my last day of work for 12 whole days!!!! We have two mini vacations planned....West Palm Beach for 4 days home for 4 days then Virginia 4 days, I'm sure I'll need a vacation from my vacation and will look forward to going back to work just to get a break! Not really though.....I love summer and doing things with the kids. Football (and cheerleading) will be consuming our lives in about 5 weeks, man time flies when you get old not so young.

So tomorrow morning we go to West Palm Beach, it's hard to believe this is our 9th summer going down there! I decided that we needed tye dyed shirts for this trip so this past Saturday my family and Holly's family made them. I think they look awesome and will post pictures when we all wear them later this week!

Cooper and Bubba Puppy

Harper picked out her own clothes today, this is an improvement from how she started out! 

getting the shirts ready

Holly and Cydney

Baylee and Carissa

Josh and Cooper with matching mohawks and making good use out of the rubber gloves

Harper and Daddy! Daddy is a tye dying pro thanks to you tube

the girls deciding what design they want to do

Peanut getting ready to put the colors on her shirt

Harper helping Uncle Wayne fix his fishing pole


REALLY pretty Briella

Josh putting color on his shirt

Carissa and Briella

Cooper is such a night owl, here he is at midnight practicing for American Ninja Warrior:

what a maniac!