Love my kids

Love my kids
Afternoon at Disney

Friday, June 15, 2012

Schools Out and VA Vacation June 2012

Words cannot express how happy I am that schools out and boy did we get our summer off to a great start!!

We just got back from our quick trip to VA and we had lots of fun!!! We left Thursday night after gymnastics and drove up through the night. It's always better that way because the kids sleep most of the way, this time though Adam and I realized we're not as young as we used to be and we had to pull over and nap for a couple of hours. We still made good time though! It was so nice to get to see everyone, even got to see Sissy and Gavin....I can't believe how stinkin cute and big he is now! He's the funniest, most animated little guy. The kids have so much fun just getting to play outside and roll around on the grass. We went to the creek again...or the Hurr-i-CAN or Hurr-i-CANE depending on who you ask! It was nice to get to eat at my hometown favorites...the Dip Dog Stand and CJ's Pizza.

The kids really love being able to spend time with their VA cousins too! The love all the animals, outdoor nature-y stuff.....even if it really messes with their allergies!

PHOTO BOMB!!!! You've been warned.............

Cooper and Poppy's dog

 Cooper and his gun show:

View from the back yard:

my bubby!

look at the muscles in Baylee's back:

Harper doing a cartwheel

Cooper doing a little dance:


at the Dip Dog Stand

playing in the creek

Harper, Cooper and Gavin (love the haircut)

Harper and Uncle David on the tractor

Baylee and Uncle David on the tractor:

Look at my farm boy....Cooper not David

Cooper has NEVER shared duckies but he said Gavin looked at him and said "hey you boy, will share your blanket with me?' Who can say no to him?

Playing in the creek

beautiful Baylee


Adam caught it and got pinched!

"here Gavin, you hold it"

What a pretty Peanut!

one more...

last one...she's just so cute I can't help myself

there's my big girl!

Uncle John caught a rabbit

nice bunny....

Baylee playing some kick ball with her cousins

Rest of the pictures are here

Did I mention how happy I am that school is out??? The kids love being able to stay up late, and boy they are a bunch of night owls!! They've already had one sleep over with their cousins (Jake, Tristan, Josh, Carissa and Cydney) and Cooper is already begging for Levi to come over...and to order the wrestling pay per view on Sunday night (he's starting to really get into wrestling). We go to West Palm Beach in two weeks and we've decided to go back to VA for my family reunion in 3 weeks! Looking forward to making lots more fun summer memories!