Love my kids

Love my kids
Afternoon at Disney

Monday, June 20, 2011

Happy Birthday Baylee!!

Today was Baylee's 9th birthday! Can't believe how fast she is growing up, we're so proud of her and how great she is. Even though I hate that she's growing it's awesome to watch her become such a sweet, smart, and special young woman.

We had a pretty fun day today in West Palm Beach too. Baylee got special cinnamon rolls for breakfast then we headed to Peanut Island...well all of us except for Peanut. She stayed with grandma and played with Malachi. Peanut Island was a lot of fun, and the ferry ride over was neat. I really enjoyed snorkeling and seeing all the little fish, we're definitely gonna be doing more of that. Baylee and Cooper are getting pretty good at it too. Then we came back and did some more snorkeling at the beach here and some swimming in the pool. They had a dance off for the kids here, Cooper broke out his robot and sprinkler moves and won!!!

This evening we went out to eat with the Ortiz and Deskin families then we came back and had cupcakes and cheesecake for Baylee's birthday. She was super happy with the guitar we got her, even if Harper did tell her about it last week. Tonight Cydney and Carissa are spending the night with Baylee...the perfect ending to her 9th birthday!

Only 2 more days of this vacation left....

My favorite photo of the day:

My Sweet Birthday Girl!!!