Love my kids

Love my kids
Afternoon at Disney

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Doing one of my favorite things....

I think that the best thing about having a huge bedroom is that the kids can all pile in here with their blankets and pillows and we can watch TV together. Right now we're watching Hogs Gone Wild, other favorites include Whale Wars, River Monsters, America's Got Talent and The Voice. The kids love all these shows, Cooper especially loves the animal ones, it's neat to watch his growing love of all things animal related. He's so passionate about them, and loves to talk about it and asks tons of questions. He's begging me to DVR the bigfoot show that's on later tonight. Baylee likes watching the performing shows, and insists that she'll be doing that some day.

We've been in a money super saver mode lately, getting ready for all that vacation fun. At Target this weekend we found some awesome deals. Got Harper some jeans marked down to $2, and found Baylee and Harper matching skirts that where $1.75 each. Harper also picked out a new Olivia shirt, it wasn't on sale but I know she'll wear it so much we'll get our money's worth.

Here she is in her new outfit (minus the boots, she didn't wear those to church)