Love my kids

Love my kids
Afternoon at Disney

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Getting Excited About Summer...

So this weekend we've spent a lot of time talking about all of our exciting summer plans....there's vacations to West Palm Beach, Gatlinburg, and VA, football and cheerleading camps, a possible move to Harmony, VBS, beach days, zoo trips, staying up late and just hanging out. The month of May will surely move slowly...

Friday evening I watched the Royal Wedding with the girls, in the middle of it Harper said "mommy I want to be a princess, will you go WalMart and get me a dress to match her's?" Silly girl, mommy hates to go to WalMart...even if you could get Sarah Burton dresses there.

Cooper had an awesome game yesterday at flag football, so he got to pick where we ate lunch. He picked CiCi's pizza....seriously? I guess that's better than Mc Donald's.

Adam has been a coupon King again this week. He has gotten over $300  worth of groceries from Publix for only about $20. And what are we doing with all that saved money? Investing in fine artwork..... :)

Thursday night we went to M.A.E. for the kids art show. We where able to buy their showcased artwork for $10 a picture. So for just a mere $20 we were able to bring home these 2 fine pieces of art...

                                               Beach with a Volcano and Wave by Baylee

Bear by Cooper