Love my kids

Love my kids
Afternoon at Disney

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Southeast Regionals!

Today was the Pop Warner Southeast Regionals Cheer Competition! The girls did a great job and came in 3rd! Only 1st and 2nd made it to Nationals.

Last night was pretty fun filled. Cooper and Adam went to the UCF game, where even though it was cold, they still beat USF!! Coop really racked up with all the free stuff which is one of his favorite reasons for going! He also impressed the Marienes that were there with all the pull ups he can do. Adam said they thought he was the coolest thing and they kept taking his picture! Cooper loves everything about the games, he said Knightro, the band and the cheerleaders are his favorites!

I took Baylee and Carissa to Melbourne last night, Harp stayed with Aunt Holly. We had dinner at Olive Garden then went to the mall for a little shopping. Great deals were everywhere! It's a good thing we didn't have a lot of time because I was finding tons of things I wanted! After the mall we went and saw Catching Fire, it was pretty good but very long! Oh and these 4 HUGE bodybuilding type guys got into a fight right next to us! It was so weird that out of all the movies to fight in these four manly men were fighting in a movie based on a book for teenage girls! I have no idea why they were even there to see that movie!

 Busy week coming up! Luckily things are kind of slow at work, my new employee starts next week. The kids are back at school Monday after a week off. Baylee has a volleyball game on Tuesday, a sleepover on Friday and riding in a float on Saturday. Cooper has wrestling practice, and I think a meet on Saturday. I  think me and Peanut will head to the Christmas parade on Saturday.

    These two love sleeping together

    About 10 minutes later

    The girls at Olive Garden

    Those two don't know how lucky they are to be cousins and best friends

I told Baylee I wished I had another baby to dress in cute Gap clothes, maybe one without such a big head!

    Coop and Knightro