Love my kids

Love my kids
Afternoon at Disney

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving & other things!

The month of November has been filled with food, fun, and family! 

Baylee: Her cheer squad made it to regionals, which is this Saturday. If the place in the top 2 they will get to compete in Nationals at Disney's Wide Workd of Sports in 2 weeks! She's also made the middle school volley ball team. She's having a great time learning the sport and it's neat to watch her getting better each week. Baylee and Carissa had their first real paying babysitting job last night, watching 6 kids! They were both super excited and super grateful for the opportunity to do it!

Cooper: Still handsome as ever! Wrestling has started so he's all into that. Still doing great in school, he's especially gifted in math. He's still growing his hair out! Every time I go to Publix I get told by some other mom that their son wants to grow his hair out like Coop or that their daughter has a crush on him! I'm known as "Hey, it's Cooper's mom!"

Harper: Just celebrated her 6th birthday! She picked Benihanas to eat at, it was a great night! They sang Happy Birthday to her in English and Japanese, they even took a family photo and gave to us! The day before she had a Thansgiving Breakfast Feast at school. I had to work but Aunt Holly saved the day and took her. Harper was so so so happy. Afterwards she signed her out of school and took her shopping for a birthday gift, then took her to her house and Harper got Holly all to herself while the big kids were at school! Harper was telling me all about her day that night, she said "Aunt Holly made me a corn dog and it was the best corn dog ever!" As she was falling asleep she said "Today was the best, most perfect day ever!" I know when Harpers all grown up she won't remember all the birthday gifts she got this year but she real remember Holly coming to her school feast and making the day extra special for her! And that's what it's all about!

Where Coop falls asleep so does Champ!

Harper and her teacher Ms Johnston

Harper and Aunt Holly

Birthday Girl!

       Dad playing at Chuck E Cheese

      Love these two!

      Dad and Baylee at Shane and Heidi's today


Chase is the flyer, Uncle Wayne is the back spot? What a hodgepodge stunt group!