Love my kids

Love my kids
Afternoon at Disney

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

It's Almost Christmas!

Christmas is one of my most favorite times of year! It doesn't seem like Christmas though, it's been hotter than usual, in the mid 80's! We're enjoying this weather, I'm a little homesick though. Nothing compares to the Christmases back home!

We've slowed down some which is nice. We pulled the hospital's float in the Christmas parade and had tons of fun! Coop and Harper got to ride on the float and throw candy out. Our float was awesome and came in 2nd! Baylee rode on the Harmony float and had a great time.

This past Friday was the hospital's Christmas party....and I planned it all and it was AWESOME! Party planning is hard work and I never want to do it on that scale again but everyone loved it and had a great time.

Saturday we went to Grandma Millers for Christmas brunch. That was really nice and different from the usual lunch/dinners. It was so hot that day! We went shopping afterwards and had dinner at a new place on IDrive.

Harper got to go ice skating with her class last week and really liked it, her favorite part: riding on a real yellow school bus! Cooper's birthday is in 2 days! He's so excited! Baylee has volley ball camp this weekend and she's really looking forward to that.

Tree at The Mall at Millennia, I love their Christmas decorations. We had a nice dinner at the Cheesecake Factory where, as usual, we were too full to eat any actual cheesecake and had to take it with us! 

    Christmas Float:

    Scott did a really great job planning this out!

    One of the trees at the Hyatt (Peabody)

    It was great venue and I was shocked to realize that I ROCK at party planning!

Baylee and Dad at Grandma Millers

Briella Bug is Back!!! Harper is SO SO SO happy! Best Christmas gift ever for Peanut!

LOVE him!

Harper was not happy that other people got to hold her Bug!

Got her back!

All but 2 of the grand kids 

A trip to Bass Pro always includes this pic!

Got to pet this little guy!

Awesome dinner outside at The Brick House! It was one of those rare nights, the atmospher was great, the food was even better and the kids we're all acting fantastic!

Yes, Baylee ate a whole pizza!

Selfie by Coop! They had a huge outdoor fire pit that you could sit around!

Cooper and Champ fell asleep watching Home Alone