Love my kids

Love my kids
Afternoon at Disney

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Our Fall In Pictures

I have really really sucked at this blogging thing this fall! So instead of writing tons of crap I'll just post the good stuff....PICTURES!

Baylee on the first day 6th grade, Cooper on the first day of 3rd. So proud of how well they are doing this year. Baylee has made a great group of friends and Coop is adjusting very well. Both made honor roll the first 9 weeks!

Harper cheering. I don't have many of Baylee cheering this year since by the time it was her game it was so hot we usually left and went swimming with the Vandenburgs.

Briella came to the games, cutest little cheerleader ever!

Baylee after practice one night

On Friday's the kids get to wear their uniforms to school

Out to eat one Sunday afternoon

Mr Handsome

My girl LOVES wings

Cooper had a GREAT football season, they were the first team in Harmony Pop Warner history to go UNDEFEATED!


Harper's first day of school, they had staggered start so she went a day after the other two. She LOVES kindergarden!

Practicing and playing so much has made Baylee and Cooper bottomless pits, Harper is sick and tired of them eating everything so she's taken to writing her name on her snacks!

Baylee on the morning of her first cross country meet!

So proud of how smart and athletic she is!

Baylee went to a church lock in at Fun Spot, so Cooper and Dad had a night out and Mom and Peanut had a night out. We were going to go to Build A Bear but they were closed for remodeling so we went to the Disney Store and then out to dinner at Johnny Rockets. Harp's favorite thing of the night though: getting a pretzel in the mall and not having to share it with anybody!

Cooper right after his touch down, he actually got 2 touch downs this season!

Baylee just being Baylee

Harper at the top of the pyramid

She had fun cheering but says she thinks she just wants to take a year off next year

Champ and Cooper, follow Champ on Instagram Boxer_Champ

Harper and Briella at Briella and Chastity's going away party

Harper and her BFF Abby having a snack after the game

So happy that her cousins came to the games

Champ looking a little high

Cooper and the waitress at Hooter's, he got his own Instagram and wanted this to be his first photo! Follow him at crich37

Wing Girl

Sporting the pink in October

Love her personality

We actually had about 15 min of cool weather at one of the games

These boys are TROUBLE

Playing in the pool

If he doesn't make it in football he could always be a model!

Baylee and Carissa the Cheer Competion

Harper also had a cheer exhibition but I was a bad momma and didn't take any pictures.

Baylee's squad came in first for their division, so they have a trip to regionals the Saturday after Thanksgiving

We went to a corn maze!

With the Chad and Michelle Richards family, and the Shane and Heidi Richards family and Grandma Miller

It was sooooo hot


It was a lot of fun though!

We didn't get too lost

Some of the kids

Two of the big kids.....

Harper and Cooper

They even had a playground to play on

We had a great day!

Chad having too much fun at Wendy's

Look at those muscles!

Baylee's flyer fell on her knee at practice Wednesday night

It's Saturday night and she's not feeling any better, guess we're gonna go see the ortho Monday

Dressed up for the Story Book Parade at school, Harper's class's theme was 50's, so she's wearing a poodle skirt.

We went through all this candy and more on Halloween, over $100 worth of candy and over 400 trick or treaters

Harper and Ms Johnston

Champ in his ND jersey

Heather and Holly and their families came over for an impromptu pizza party!

We had soooo much fun! The little kids went with the big kids so the adults set around and handed out candy!


All the kids, it was a great Halloween but super hot and muggy!

Garrett the Blueberry

Harper and Champ, they both always end up in my bed in the morning, the other day I woke up to her rubbing his ear and singing You Are My Sunshine to him

Last night we went to The Shallow Grave in Winter Haven, and 10 of us were brave enough to go in, it was the BEST haunted house ever!

Well that about sums up the fall. Let the Holiday Season begin!