Love my kids

Love my kids
Afternoon at Disney

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Welcome Home CHAMP!!!

This past Saturday started out pretty normal. Baylee was going to the Christmas parade with Holly, and Cooper had a football game at ESPN's Wide World of Sports out at Disney. We were checking Craig's List and found some boxer puppies for sale, Cooper has been begging for a puppy for his birthday and we decided to get him one. Adam called about them and they were going fast, so we decided to go pick one out, an early birthday present! Cooper was so excited and picked out the cutest little guy ever that he named Champ! These past few days we've been trying to get into the routine of having a puppy. Cooper's doing a great job taking care of him too. He's a smart little fellow, he's only had one accident and is pretty much house broken. Our only problem is that he wants to play all night long! He's doing okay in the crate when we're not here but at night he LOVES snuggling up next to Cooper, and Cooper has said for years that "I just want a dog to sleep next to me at night." Wish granted!

 Besides getting a new dog, Cooper and Adam had a big day on Saturday. Their Tiny Mite team was selected to play in an exhibition game for the Pop Warner Super Bowl at ESPN's Wide World of Sports. They had a great game, Coop scored an awesome touchdown and they tied. Which was nice since both teams of little boys were super excited to be there. After the game Disney had a dinner for the players, cheerleaders and families. The players and coaches were free but the families had to pay $45 EACH for dinner! Baylee stayed with Holly so for a mere $90 Harper and I were able to eat a nasty watery gross hamburger, a bag of chips and a small cup of water (or watered down juice if that's you're poison), the only good thing about the meal was all you can eat ice cream. Here's my meal....I could only eat one bite of the burger, it was very un Disney like! 

I guess the best part of the meal, the part we REALLY paid for, was getting to meet some characters. Harper was so excited to get to meet Belle! Seeing her little fact light up was priceless and worth more than the $45 we paid for dinner. She was so so happy! Even Cooper agreed to meet Belle, and she must of really liked him since she spent a few minutes just talking to him.

Cooper kept saying he wanted to be on Sports Center...he didn't make it to Sports Center but this was pretty close:

Baylee also has had a busy week. She's had two projects for school she's been working on. One was to decorate a stocking, the other was a biography report she had to do. She chose Barbara Bush.....why I have no clue, but she did do a great a job on it. And now I have a ton of useless knowledge about this great first lady floating around in my head.....

Cooper and Uncle Mo

Cooper, Grandpa and will be shaving his beard no matter what even if by some miracle Notre Dame does WIN on 1/7/13

Mity Mite team and cheerleaders 

Bubby's last game EVER as a Mity Mite!