Love my kids

Love my kids
Afternoon at Disney

Sunday, December 23, 2012

I'm too lazy to type a lot...So I'll just put up some pictures!

This past week we celebrated my Bubby's birthday! Can't believe my sweet little guy is 8! When I asked him what he wanted for his birthday dinner he said "chicken patty sandwiches and mac and cheese from the blue box" LUCKILY wrestling practice got cancelled (ringworm outbreak...yikes) so we were able to go out to eat and he choose Beef O Brady's. Where instead of his usual wings he got....Mac and Cheese! And I'm pretty sure it came out of the blue box!

Thursday was my last day of work until 2013! I'm already enjoying my time just relaxing and hanging out with family. Yesterday we had Christmas at Grandma Miller's and Pops. Last night Chad, Michelle, Christian, Connor, Chase, Lexi (and Joey), and Britney came over for game night. We played Farkle and the loudest game of Pit ever...I truly am shocked that cops DID NOT get called. It's funny how the old, and simple games are the most fun. Lexi brought her dog Joey over so Champ made a new friend!

Harper loves her some chicken wings...

Cooper and Champ had a rough day

Baylee in her new Student Ambassador shirt. She takes her job very seriously, she told me "Student Ambassador today, president tomorrow" and she means of the United States, not HCS.

they just don't get much sweeter...

well...maybe they do. Coop fell asleep watching tv in my floor, Champ went and laid next to him.

they just love each other...

Baylee and Carissa at Grandma Miller's

Chasity and Tristan...

Chase and Harper. See that dress Harper's wearing? It's not a dress, it's actually Baylee's sweater but it somehow got hung up in Harper's closet she refused to believe it was Baylee's and insisted it was her dress. To prove it was her's she added tights and sneakers to it and wore it to grandma's.

My Peanut

Harper and Cydney

Baylee, Cydney, Carissa sitting on Harper's lap

My girls...

Cydney and Carissa

Love my kids....look at goofy Cooper!

the kids snuck too much eggnog...

Briella giving Harper a hug

sweet babies!

Brielle in front of the tree

Briella saying hi to her new baby cousin in Lexi's tummy

Grandma Miller and her granddaughters...Briella, Harper, Cydney, Baylee, Carissa, Chasity, and Lexi

Harper loves Briella so much!

Look how proud and happy Harper is....

Jacob and Cooper

Jake trying to shake money out of Cooper's pockets

 Baylee and Carissa playing around like always.

Chase and Cooper

Baylee and Carissa

the Hall girls....Cydney, Chasity, and Carissa

my little angles 

Harper and Uncle Shane

Pop and Grandma Miller

Chad, Shane, Grandma Miller, and Adam.....maybe they can photoshop Heather in

Cooper, Chase, Josh, Tristan, Jacob, Connor, Christian, Carter, Spencer and Grandma Miller....missing are Austin, Cody, Garret and Levi.