Love my kids

Love my kids
Afternoon at Disney

Sunday, August 5, 2012

August Already!

I can't believe August is here! Where has the summer gone? Football and cheerleading practice are in full swing. Last Saturday was opening day....loved that it was in the park across from the house....another plus to living in Harmony! Cooper and Baylee are getting in the swing of things again with practice, Harper's having fun watching all the cheerleaders practice and telling them what they're doing wrong.

Cooper on the rings and climbing the rope with no feet, only his hands (which I'm told is very hard to do)

Doing Punt, Pass and Kick on opening day

winning awards for Punt, Pass, and Kick!

First night of practice

Baylee also had her first night of practice but I had a bad mommy moment and let my phone die so I have pictures

Who's the cutest gymnast?

This girl.....

This girl right here....

doing a little swimming

Beautiful Baylee

Harper's new (FREE) haircut

Baylee's new (FREE) hair cut
School is starting soon so we've been busy shopping for school supplies and clothes. This is the first year that Baylee is actually asking for name brand clothes, which means more deathly scary trips to Hollister! This past week we took advantage of JC Penny's free haircut for kids, what an awesome deal! Harper is so excited to be going to pre K and Cooper is even kink of excited about 2nd grade.

Baylee is spending the night with grandma tonight so she's pretty excited about that. Tomorrow she's gonna help grandma get her classroom ready for the start of school. Cooper is still doing gymnastics during the week and is LOVING watching the Olympics!!! It's actually kind of funny how into it he's getting. He said he's gonna be the first person to do wrestling AND gymnastics in the Olympics.