Love my kids

Love my kids
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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Our Busy Week

We've had a pretty busy week this past week:

Baylee spent the night with Grandma last Sunday and helped her get her classroom set up for the upcoming school year. She had cheerleading practice every night and is looking forward to her first game next weekend, she's really looking forward to 5th grade too! I think she's gonna have an awesome year as usual this year. She's been a big help around the house this week, cleaning the kitchen and doing extra chores to help out.

Cooper's had a busy week with gymnastics and football practice, and he had a dentist visit thrown in! He and dad had football picture day this morning and later he got to go with dad to Sidelines this evening for Adam's fantasy football draft. I think Adam will have an awesome team this year because Cooper was there to help him make his picks. He picked up a new skill at gymnastics this week.....a roundoff back tuck....he kind of skipped the whole learning the roundoff back handspring which should come before the back tuck.  Here he is....he got pretty good at it during his practice then he perfected it when they were picking Harper up from team camp....that's why he's in his football pants:

Harper had a super big exciting week!!! She had her first day camp ever....Gymnastics Team Camp! She did so well she was Camper of the Week....TWICE!!!! I thought she would have a really hard time leaving daddy for the day but she did great. She especially loved getting to take a back pack every day and pack her lunch.....made her feel like a big girl!