Love my kids

Love my kids
Afternoon at Disney

Monday, May 14, 2012

Beginning of May Events....

The beginning of May was pretty low key for us. Cooper had a wrestling tournament, the Father Devine tournament, that one was really tough. He got 2nd in greco. He could have went to Atlanta to wrestle for the National Team on Memorial Day weekend, but we're skipping that! He's just not ready.

The girls have been staying busy with gymnastics and cheerleading. Harper got a special VIP invite to try out for the gymnastics team, that's coming up next week. Baylee joined the competitive cheer team at the gym so that's gonna take up a lot of her time. Baylee and Harper both went to a cheer workshop. The girls and I also went to play bingo at my work for Relay for Life. That was a lot of fun! They won some awesome prizes, even $15! What a great way to raise money for an important cause. Cooper went with Adam that night to watch the NFL draft. While the girls were at cheer clinic me and the boys went to the Spirit Farm and feed the goats and donkey's, we even got to green beans!

We've all been sick over the past two weeks. I thought we were finally getting over it but school called today and Baylee had a temp of 102.3.

Last Thursday was the Mother's Day Tea at Cooper's school! It was soooo sweet and tons of fun!! Cooper even came to work with me and had lunch afterwards!


Baylee playing some Bingo

Haper playing Mingo as she calls it....when she won she even yelled MINGO as loud as she could

Cooper feeding the goat at the farm

Blurry picture of Cooper, third row back

Look at that nice spread! Coop discovered he LOVES egg salad sandwiches

Bubby Wubby

My Mother's Day goodies

Having lunch with mom at the hospital, he wanted caesar salad, mashed potatoes, corn chips and a Coke, all the girls loved having Cooper eat lunch with us!