Love my kids

Love my kids
Afternoon at Disney

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Spring Break!!!

I LOVE LOVE LOVE Spring Break! It means I can see the end of the school year, no more homework, no more getting up early, no more bedtime fights....This year for spring break we went to Sarasota from the 16th-20th. The kids hadn't been to the gulf in years and couldn't remember the blue waters and white sand so they were super excited. We had a really nice relaxing little vacation, we didn't really do anything but go from the beach to the pool, we did some shopping, saw a pug parade, went on an awesome boat tour, and just relaxed and took a break from all the craziness that is our everyday life! Sorry for the picture bomb!

getting ready to pull out for the 3 hr drive

Love it when they're old enough to carry their own luggage

we don't go anywhere without Ducks

view from the hot tub

Coop loves the hot tub
 view from the room: what hotel is nicer than the Hyatt? The Ritz and it takes up the gulf view!! Oh well, we could see manatees in the water from the room

Pool view from the room

the hotel was nicely decorated, lots of pinks and green's which Baylee loved!

look at these two! even lots of pink and green in hallways

eating out one night

I think this was Siesta Key Beach, the first night we got there

it was almost dark when I took these, man that iphone has a nice flash!

not sure what Harper's doing

thought this was a nice picture of Peanut 

don't know why Baylee is sticking her tummy out

ready to do some snorkeling, this was Lido Beach

look at that muscle man

Cooper can hold his breath forever under water, look at what he found:

it was still alive, everyone around us had to come look at it and take pictures so Coop ended up in lots of peoples vacations photos

there was Pug Parade at St Armand's Circle

look at this handsome devil:

the pool at night, it was nice and warm:

loved the waterfalls

enjoying a candy apple

 kids and daddy

we did a boat tour, at the aquarium 

they drop a net and pull it up and the marine biologist on the boat talks about what they found, she passes everything around for all the kids to see

I highly recommend this boat tour...but I can't remember the name of the company

Harper with the seahorse on her finger

Cooper and the seahorse

I love these big guys!