Love my kids

Love my kids
Afternoon at Disney

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

3:14:12 Dark Sky Festival and Wrestling Tournament

Saturday April 14th was a busy day!! Baylee had a cheerleading workshop at Squeeze Center and Cooper had a wrestling tournament in Lakeland! So Adam and Cooper headed to Lakeland and me and the girls went to cheer! Actually me and Harp just dropped Baylee off....she wouldn't let us stay to watch. She did great though, and had tons of fun, she got moved up with the 11-18yr old girls and since she was the smallest she got to be the flyer. Sadly I have no pictures since she banned me!

Cooper did great at wrestling. He got 2nd in Greco, 3rd in Folk and 3rd in Freestyle.

(the picture with the medals was taken a week later....after his hair cut)

Before the the tournament the guys stopped in at Mc Donald's for breakfast, Cooper does anything to get a laugh from the older boys!

After everyone got home we headed out to the Dark Sky Festival....even though it was super cloudy and you couldn't see any stars! We still had a good time!!

Harper is finally big enough to do the bungee thing

crazy hair

here's goes Cooper

he was actually able to get in triple flips in the air before bouncing back up

getting ready to play some laser tag

Peanut too

The Cat in the Hat was there for story time:

Petting a baby alligator 

actually I think he was 4yrs old

Also super proud of Baylee who made the honor roll at school this past 9 weeks! She's so smart and such a sweet sweet girl! We couldn't be more proud of what an amazing young woman she's turning into!