Love my kids

Love my kids
Afternoon at Disney

Sunday, April 10, 2011

2 Thumbs Up For Relaxing Weekends....

It was a super hot weekend here in central FL so we didn't do too much. Slept in on Saturday morning, had lunch at Mutts on 13th (best cheeseburger ever) then went to Cooper's friend George's 7th birthday party.  Saturday night we went to the Dark Sky Festival  at Harmony with our good friends the Handy's.  The kids had tons of fun! Cooper got to go up on stage with the mad scientist, we saw the moon and stars through really nice telescopes, and enjoyed all the neat astronomy stuff.  Today we've relaxed and watched movies, and treated ourselves to some yummy frozen yogurt at High Five Your Life :) Also very proud of my hubby who saved $106.38 at Publix this weekend!!! Baylee's favorite part of the weekend "going to the Dark Sky Festival and seeing Chandler", Cooper's favorite part "seeing the Star Wars people at the Dark Sky Festival", Harper said she liked the ice cream we got today the most. 

We have a very busy week coming up. Baylee's got FCAT's, Cooper's got flag football practice on Tuesday and Friday. All the kids have gymnastics tomorrow and church on Wednesday night....hopefully enough to keep us busy until next weekend gets here....

Dark Sky Festival :