Love my kids

Love my kids
Afternoon at Disney

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Football Weekend!

We had an awesome weekend! Cooper's (and Coach Adam) football team made it to regionals. First Harmony Pop Warner team to make it that far! The game was in Ft Myers so I took Friday off. The kids and I left early and went to the beach, that was lots of fun. They really enjoyed having dinner with all their friends and staying at the hotel with them. We lost the game on Saturday but it was still a good season.

After the game we drove to Sarasota to eat at one of the Amish places, so so good! Then we drove into Tampa and got a room for the night. Took the kids to a trampoline place and had dinner.

Baylee had never used a pay phone before:

We got up Sunday morning and went to Busch Gardens! That was lots of fun.

Harper had a long weekend

Champ was glad to come home from the kennel 

Busy week this week. Baylee has a weight lifting meet, where because she's bad ass, she'll be on the varsity team. Cooper had his first wrestling practice last night and Harper has a birthday coming up. Looking forward to just relaxing this weekend!