Love my kids

Love my kids
Afternoon at Disney

Saturday, September 27, 2014

September in pictures

Coop & Adam are having an awesome football season!

We went to Dick's Last Resort for lunch

Then we went & had the most awesome evening/night at Magic Kingdom! We Fast Passes & didn't have to wait in line for ANYTHING! 

Dole Whips!

Driving on the Speedway

Took another snack break for Micky pretzels & cream cheese pretzels

Buzz Lightyear

Coop had been asking all summer for a Turkey Leg! 

He really enjoyed it!

So did Peanut

Baylee got her favorite, Mike, in her pin package

Coop had also been asking for these all summer. He loves them & even slept with them.

Champ is a lazy boy

Harp had a Lemonaide stand, and made $3!!!

Dad, Cooper & Champ watching the ND game

Champ says "I wanna sit on your lap too Dad!"

We also had a candy apple bar

What a sweet boy 

My silly girls

Another day of football

My boys tired after football practice

UCF game with his buddy Ben

Really enjoying the books he got at the book fair

It's hard work getting ready for a game