Love my kids

Love my kids
Afternoon at Disney

Friday, August 29, 2014

This & That

The kids have been in school for 2 weeks now. They all seem to be loving it.

Baylee likes 7th grade, she hasn't had too much homework yet. Cross country has started & volleyball starts next week.

Cooper is doing great in 4th grade & has an awesome teacher. I think secretly he's even enjoying reading each night! Football is going great for him. He's doing a good job as QB & got in an awesome tackle last week.

Harper loves first grade! She doesn't really love all the homework though! She's also going to be starting piano lessons soon & I'd love to get her into Girl Scouts.

Adam is staying busy with work & coaching football. He did just buy a new car, it's odd because when he was picking it out one of the things he had to consider was that in 3 years it would more thank likely be Baylee's car. Hard to think of my baby as being able to drive in a few years!

We did get in a Disney & Beach day the weekend before school! 

Went to Magic Kingdom several times this summer but this was the first Dole Whip we got!

After Splash Mountain

LOVE the castle at night!

Tired! After a long day

It was a PERFECT day at the beach!

Coops getting pretty good at Skimboarding 

1st grade! Champ was very sad that all his friends were leaving

7th grade

4th grade

All ready for school

Coop & Bug at Chase's birthday party

What a dork!

My boys reading