Love my kids

Love my kids
Afternoon at Disney

Saturday, July 6, 2013

The first 30 days of summer!

The first 30 days of summer have been extremely awesome! Filled with a 5th grade graduation, two vacations, a birthday and a 4th of July celebration!

My sweet Baylee graduated the 5th grade! I was excited for her, though I don't really get the whole hoopla over a graduating 5th grade. I mean it's not like it's the only graduation she's ever gonna have....fingers crossed it's not anyway! Oh well, it was fun and she had a great time getting dressed up for!

After graduation we came home changed clothes and headed to VA to visit family and enjoy our first vacation of the summer! We had lots of fun as usual. A week after we got home from that we headed to  our second vacation at West Palm Beach! It was also Baylee's 11th birthday the day we went down. We had getting to celebrate with the family!

So sit back and enjoy all of my first 1/2 of summer pictures!

Jake's fish jumping out of water

Cooper posing on the rocks by the jetty

Baylee and Carissa

Cooper and Tristan

Tristan and Jake and their big catch

playing in the pool

photobomb by Cydney

while the boys were fishing Baylee and I watched a movie and ate peanut butter

Cooper caught a fish

our team won the "Name That Tune" game

Harper and Cydney making a stuffed unicorn

Wayne making a stuffed unicorn

Doing salsa

Harper and Malichi dancing together

Hula hoop competition 

playing flag football

singing karaoke

Harper getting her hair braided

big boat going out to sea

the kids put letters in this glass bottle then tossed it into the ocean


Allmost everyone....5 were missing

Champ was so glad to have Cooper back

Champ was tired from playing at Holly's all day

we've been watching The Walking Dead marathon

Cooper made straight A's all year!

Baylee and Savanah at graduation

heading out to VA

at The Dip Dog

an actual Dip Dog

Adam caught a crawfish, Cooper still thinks they are baby lobsters