Love my kids

Love my kids
Afternoon at Disney

Friday, May 31, 2013

I can see the light....

At the end of the tunnel!!!! Just 4 days of school left! I'm just as excited as the kids about summer vacation! I think it's because we have 3 vacations planned this summer. We're going to VA as soon as Baylee graduates, then to West Palm Beach a week after that, then to Gatlinburg 3 weeks after that! SO EXCITED!

Harper: She has decided that she doesn't want to do gymnastics any more. She wants to cheerlead and play soccer (Ugh, I HATE watching soccer! My least favorite sport ever). So she is done with team. In a way I'm kind of glad, they wanted such a big commitment (3 nights a week), and that's a lot for a 5 year old. She had water day at school this past week which she loved. She also tested off the charts on the pre K assessment/kindergarden readiness test she took. I have some smart kids! Speaking of smart kids.....

Cooper: So so so so proud of him! I can't say it enough! He got straight A's this ENTIRE YEAR! It's such a big accomplishment and speaks volumes for his teacher. When he started 2nd grade he was just reading on a beginning 1st grade level, she caught him up in a matter of weeks and he's finished the year AHEAD of where he needs to be! Adam got to celebrate with him today at the Shorthorn Round Up. Cooper is looking forward to doing some snorkeling and learning how to scuba dive this summer. He's also found a new love.....Scentsy Candles! What in the world?'re probably (and rightfully so) asking. Don't know where it came from, a new lady at work is selling them so I got a few. He loves the burners and all the scents, he's the one who turns them on for me everyday. He's also picked out a burner for his room. a few plug ins and some scents. Tonight we talked about him hosting a Scentsy party.....His flag football season is over, his team came in second, only loosing to the blue team. He had a great time playing this spring. Speaking of flag football.....

Baylee: Is a flag football SUPER STAR! We (especially dad) are so very proud of how well she did this year. I never in a million years would have thought she would enjoy the game and be so good at it. She really excelled out there and played a big role in her team remaining undefeated and winning the championship! Football isn't all she's doing great at, she also made the honor roll this nine weeks to finish off 5th grade! Adam got to go to her Shorthorn Roundup this morning.......poor Adam spends A LOT of time at the school! Baylee is looking forward to summer break, she wants to hang out with friends and lounge by the pool.....She has 5th grade graduation coming up next Thursday and her 11th birthday in 20 short days!!!

Tonight we took an impromptu trip to the dive shop for new goggles for the kids and a dive bag for Adam. Then we headed over to Universal's City Walk and ate dinner at Margaritaville! It was super yummy. It was such a nice night out,we enjoyed just walking around and doing a little shopping there.

I still love catching him snuggling up with Duckies

Harper feel asleep on Champ's bed, so Champ feel asleep on her

This was Snuggle Sunday

Tonight at Margaritaville