Love my kids

Love my kids
Afternoon at Disney

Saturday, April 6, 2013

First Quarter Of 2013 Is Over....

Time to re-evaluate the 2013 goals! The most important one: spending QUALITY time with the kids is still going GREAT! I'm glad to see the first quarter of 2013 gone! It's always the busiest time at work and the coldest time down here. I'm so sick of the cold....and by cold I mean highs in the 70's!

Harper: Still loving pre K. Still being a social butterfly. She's added an extra night of practice onto her schedule for the gymnastics team. Still too cute and too smart!

Cooper: Still Mr Athletic! He's wrestling and playing flag football. Today was his first game and he did awesome. He also got straight A's AGAIN this 9 weeks! I'm so proud of him, all A's so far this year! He's spending the night tonight with Georgie for Georgie's birthday. I asked him what kind of gift card Georgie wanted....he said "Hooter's"......Ms Kim said "No".

Baylee: Well it looks like Cooper's not the only child of mine good at football! Baylee is playing flag football too and doing extremely well! She sure is making dad (and me of course) super proud! She's still doing great at school, would have made the honor roll but missed it because of math. She's till playing violin, running track and is a student ambassador.

After we left Cooper with the Duncan's tonight we went over to Titusville for dinner and ate at Dixie Crossroads. That was lots of fun! The girls loved feeding the fish and turtles. Then we drove to the beach and were able to look out at the assembly building at Cape Canaveral.

Busy week coming up! It's okay though because the end of the school year is in sight!

We went to Canoe Creek for dinner Monday night, they had the best balloon artist ever! Look at the bubbles on Cooper's octopus hat!

The only reason to go to Canoe Creek: the Cajun Chicken Pasta! I literally CRAVE this stuff! It's so creamy, so spicy and the bread is so garlic-y and grilled.

Harper got the Little Mermaid. She even used balloons to make a bikini top for her!

Goofing around at Baylee and Cooper's flag football practice.

Baylee's game....I'll get better pictures next week.

 The assembly building at Cape Canaveral (close up)

It's that white speck there.

Sometimes it's just funny being Peanut!

Peanut and dad being silly

Me on Friday after a long work week looking puffy and tired.