Love my kids

Love my kids
Afternoon at Disney

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Fishing, Fair and Spring Break

And a ton of other things! So I'm not doing really well at posting once a week.....but we're still focusing on 2013 being a fun family year! Still making a point to do fun family things at least weekly! Some of things we've done in the past 6 weeks or so: fishing, going a pic nick with Champ at the dog park, going to the county fair, family game nights, family movie nights, going fishing with Chad, Michelle and the boys and more fishing, and Downtown Disney....The kids were on Spring Break this past week. This was the first time in years we didn't go on a Spring Break vacation and boy am I glad we didn't! For one the weather has sucked!!! It was hot last Saturday and Sunday then COLD COLD COLD all week, it finally warmed back up today, it's been cold all over the state so I would have been not happy if I paid for a hotel room in south FL and it was too cold to enjoy the pool or beach. Also Harper and I have been sick all week with coughs and fevers.

The kids go back to school Tuesday and with Spring Break being over summer is in sight! Harper is staying busy with gymnastics, birthday parties and playing with her best friends. We're so blessed that she lives right between her two best friends, double blessed since their families are so great! Cooper had a field trip to Animal Kingdom that Adam was lucky enough to chaperone, he also had a wrestling tournament and for the life of me I can't remember how he placed. He had a great weekend then though, he got to spend the entire weekend with the Duncans....who also happen to be some of the greatest people ever! It worked out great since we go to spend some time with just the girls. Cooper and Baylee are both playing spring flag football so thats pretty exciting! While he was on his Animal Kingdom field trip Cooper discovered Disney pin trading so today we went to Downtown Disney to get the girls some pins.

Get ready for 1,000,000 pictures! Well, maybe not quite that many.....

Going for a walk on the new docks across from the house, that's smoke behind the houses. I LOVE living here, with the lake, park, basketball court, volleyball court, soccer fields etc right across the street

fishing from one of the new docks, one of the docks also has a swing, it's nice to sit there and watch the sun go down

Harper doing a little fishing

Baylee doing a little fishing

pic nick at the dog park

then we went to Cat Lake and walked around

Cooper and Champ

First swim of the year....this was the first week of Feb

Cat Lake, it's beautiful here, easy to see why lots of people want to get married here

Cooper thinks he's a super model

photobombing my picture of Peanut

Briella at the Osceola County Fair

Cooper at the Fair....this was the first year Baylee and Carissa were allowed to walk around by themselves....with Levi chaperoning most of the time

Cydney at the Fair

Farris wheel 

Baylee and Carissa


The weekend of the state wrestling tournament Carissa and Cydney spent the night

Fun in one of the heated community pools

another ferris wheel picture

Outdoor movie time in Harmony

Baylee looking way to grown up!

The Girls! Harper, Baylee, Carissa and Cydney

Cooper posing after flag football practice

Fishing at Sebastian Inlet

this was last Saturday, the kids played in water as much as they fished

two dolphins were also playing in the water all day....and we saw some big turtles swimming through

chips and a capri sun = healthy lunch

Baylee even did a little fishing

We had one little rain it comes

Cooper has become quite the little fisherman

Harper and Chase splashing around


Fish that Conner caught

puffer fish

Seashell that I loved! We found several perfect small ones in this shape

Sheephead that Conner caught

We fished all day and all night until 11pm!

pretty pictures of the sun going down


it was warm and breezy....

a perfect spring day on the inlet....

 Ladyfish that Cooper caught

Cooper at Bass Pro

We take the same picture once a year in this spot with the Lego's at Downtown Disney

and this one....

Harper in the pin store

Cooper trying to look like the guy on the bench....

Adam trying to steal a bite of Cooper's candy apple! We love getting treats in the Goofy Candy Store

Adam traded Baylee and Harper for Josh, Tristian and Jake on Friday and went fishing again with Chad and his boys.

Cooper caught 7 fish this time! Adam only caught 4.....none of Adam's were big enough to keep. Uncle Chad fried Cooper's up for him though!

Cooper at Animal Kingdom on his field trip....