Love my kids

Love my kids
Afternoon at Disney

Saturday, January 26, 2013

A little of this....a little of that....

So this is week 4 of trying to do something fun and special with the kids every week. We've had a pretty busy week around here. I had a super stressful few days at work, but in the end it worked out great! The hospital is super busy and full with lots of flu cases, I keep reminding the kids to wash and sanitize their hands and to NOT TOUCH THEIR FACES!!! Report cards came out this week and Cooper got straight A's for the second 9 weeks in a row! We are so proud of him. Baylee did great too and would have gotten all A's except for her science grade. Speaking of Science, her and dad spent the week working on a project of building a car that actually works out of just a battery and something else...a switch maybe? She they did great on it and got an A, it didn't actually go in a straight line, more like a circular line but it was still pretty neat. Harper's still staying busy with gymnastics and loving living her between her two best friends Abby and Kenzie, she's turned into a social butterfly and spends most of her time going from house to house to play. As the kids were playing outside tonight with all the neighborhood kids it reminded me how thankful I am to live in such a great neighborhood with such awesome neighbors.

Last night Cooper went to Chuck E Cheese with some other boys for his friend Dustin's birthday. Baylee and Harper went with the Vandenburgs to the Harmony Middle School basketball game so Adam and I found ourselves unexpectedly childless for an evening. We took advantage of it and ran into town to eat. We decided to try out Pete and Peg's Roadside Grill, it was awesome. So good in fact that we think we may take the kids back there next Friday night!

Baylee had her cheerleading end of the season party this afternoon, Adam took her to that. I stayed home with Cooper and Harper. We took Champ to the park with Cooper's friend Xander. It was so hot out today (78) that the kids and Champ played in the splash pad!

The weather is supposed to be great this week...mid 80's so that will be nice. We have our big family trip to Disney next Saturday to look forward to. Hope this week flies by!

Getting ready to go to Chuck E Cheese

Having fun at Chuck E Cheese

Champ likes the Splash Pad now

playing on the swings

Harper going down the slide

Cooper being too cool for me!

I love being across the street from the park/lake/playground/basketball court/splash pad/volley ball court

 Harper said "I just want to cool my feet off"

her and the boys ended up completely soaked!

I asked Coop why he and Xander were sitting so close, they said they could only find one remote and wanted to be close enough to share it and the chips! Too cute!

Ready for Family Game Night!

At 11:00 tonight Cooper got in our bed with Champ and announced he wanted to watch the Goonies! He knows I keep it on the DVR. Champ isn't that into it though...Love that my little guy loves 80's movies!