Love my kids

Love my kids
Afternoon at Disney

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Quick Update!

Still trying to do better keeping this thing up to date! The kids are still busy with the usual school and sports. Baylee had a cheerleading competition last Sunday, they didn't win but did great out there. Last Saturday while she was at practice we took Harper and Cooper to the Harmony Harvest Festival, that was a lot of fun. Last Friday night we went out to eat at Ruth Chris, and the kids spent the night with Aunt Holly, the steak was excellent and I got mine rare but spent most of weekend throwing up.....yuck, and what a waste of money...haha...

Hmmm.....other than that we've been getting ready for Halloween, doing school projects and just hanging out. We're getting ready to have a cold front come through the next few days and I'm dreading that. Though it won't be as bad as what our family and friends in VA and up north are going through.

Oh and the best thing to happen this past week: the kids got their report cards! Baylee did great as usual, and Cooper got straight A's!!!! So proud of my bubby wubby! He struggled so bad last year and this year it's like something has clicked and he's learned how to read. Of course it's his teacher Mrs. Villabona, I don't know how she does it but she's helped him so much in just the first 9 weeks of school, we are so lucky he got her this year.

Here's the best part of my pitiful blog updates....the pictures!

Baylee looking so pretty and grown up


Harper, not sure what's up with her holding up a number 1 in all her pictures now, except for the fact the she is actually #1!

Impromptu family photo, Cooper trying to look like a model

Cooper at the Harvest Festival 

Help! I'm stuck up here! Harper said "hurry, lets leave him"

Peanut driving the firetruck at the Harvest Festival

Cooper driving

Jake, Tristain, Josh and Cooper at the girls cheerleading competition 

Just another picture of my beautiful daughter!

Cydney came home with me and Cooper and Harper. She found this HUGE leaf!

Carissa and Baylee

Cousins AND Best Friends!

I found this neat trick on Pinterest. You can take a card and make a few cuts to it and it open up big enough for a kid to fit through!

Harper and Cooper thought it was super cool, Baylee thought she was super cool and didn't really care about it.