Love my kids

Love my kids
Afternoon at Disney

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Summer in FL

Well it's been hot and stormy! 

Harper went to overnight camp with her BFF Abbie, she had tons of fun and can't wait to go again next year!

Coops been at OD camp this week, from
8am-8pm. He's having fun but is exhausted.

Baylee's been spending the night and hanging out with friends.

I've had a horrible eye infection and have been out of work most of the week.

Other than that nothing too exciting going on. We went with friends to Blizzard Beach Sunday, that was so much fun until the rain came. 

A few pics:

We went indoor rock climbing Saturday, Harper loved it the most!

I wondered why Coop was in our bathroom so long:

Harper couldn't find her name so she decided to Have a Coke with her Michelle's :

Watching scary movies with Champ and Baylee:

Coop got in our tub again last night, he said "a bubble bath is more manly if I make a beard out of the bubbles"

Adam had to make a work trip to Bama so I got to sleep with this cutie

New totals for 2015 vacation fund!

Change jar: $44.35
Checkout 51: $4.75
Shopmium: $1.50
Ibotta: $33.25
Ipoll: $14

The rest are points that I'll cash in for gift cards freeing up the cash for the vacation fund:

Receipt hog: 290
Panel App: 3528
Kelloggs Rewards: 1410
Viggle: 2445 (I discovered hubby has 22,000+ pts)
Swagbucks: 1028
Perk TV: 599

Almost $98! Goal is $100 a month!