Love my kids

Love my kids
Afternoon at Disney

Sunday, February 9, 2014

February 2014!

The month of Febuary is off to a pretty low key start! Cooper is doing great at football and wrestling. Baylee is waiting on flag football to start and to get her braces. Vallentines Day is coming up next week. Cooper picked out a stuffed animal, candy and a picture frame for this girl in 10th grade that he says he's "dating". Baylee got a stuffed animal for some boy that she likes and danced with at the middle school dance last weekend.

At least I'm still Peanut's Vallentine!

Friday night Baylee stayed with Annelise (surprise, surprise), after Coop's football practice we went out for dinner. Saturday it was rainy and dreary. We out for lunch then went bowling. Bowling was lots of fun, we got 3 games in, it was one of those rare days when all the kids were being great! Today we went out to eat with the Chad Richards' family after church, good food and good company!

Harper thought she was going to wear a little eye shadow to school.....

I love when Cooper falls asleep on our bedroom floor! 

I made these for my employee's....I've got a great staff!

On Friday I took them to Philly Steak and Cheese for lunch. Full employees are happy employees!

Love these two goofballs!

Much better:
My Peanut

Love my gorgeous kids!

This is my favorite iPhone app: Scramble With Friends! Cooper and Harper have started playing it and they really like it too. They are so cute trying their hardest to find words!

Love my boys:

And getting ready for Walking Dead to start! Yes, Cooper loves the Walking Dead!

Love strawberry season in FL! Made these tasty little mini pies for dinner: