Love my kids

Love my kids
Afternoon at Disney

Sunday, October 9, 2011

October Already?

This year has flown by! Football and cheer are winding up....only one more game next week. Cooper's team is going to be playing in a exhibition game at the end of the month and Baylee has a cheer exhibition in two weeks. Gymnastics has started up again and as soon as football is over with Cooper will add wrestling to his after school activities. Baylee is wanting to start doing either tennis or golf. We'll be moving to Harmony at the end of the month so maybe she can take up golf...maybe I'll take up golf too....

We just celebrated Adam's birthday this week.... Harper insisted Daddy wanted birthday hats. Publix was having kid night Friday night so while Adam and Cooper were at gymnastics the girls and I went shopping and had lots of fun. They had a scavenger hunt, cup cake decorating, free samples and hot ops with the Publix dinosaur.

This past week Harper and Baylee went with me to a local assisted living for a senior citizen talent show. Baylee even helped judge. The girls had a really great night there, Baylee took her judging job a little too seriously though...she gave some poor woman and her dog a 2/10. The highlight of the night was watching a 101 year old woman sing God Bless America. Harper is too cute she calls all the old people "grandma's and grandpa's"

Here's some pictures from the last couple of weeks:

For the game against St. Cloud Harper wanted to wear her cheerleader uniform:

Harper and Cooper (he started as QB for the St. Cloud game)

Haper and the St. Cloud Bulldog...she was scared of the Harmony Longhorn

Harper with Tristan and Josh....she's been all about hanging out with them at the games...

Harper with nice of Damon to come out and watch Cooper play

Cooper and was so sweet of her to come to his game, even if he was too embarrassed to get his picture made with her. It really meant a lot to him that she was there, and that she gave him a shout out. He kept asking me "mom did you hear my shout out from Samantha?"

Anthony and Adam getting Cooper dressed. It's a lot of work to get into all that football gear

Harper at the Senior's Got Talent show...she thought she was super cool drinking water out of a wine glass

Craig, Aunt Becky and Baylee judging...and a resident taking a little nap

 Baylee sitting at the judges table

Baylee and her Publix cupcake

Sweet tooth Harper had to make her's herself...she had white frosting...

Then some yellow....

Then some orange....

Then some sprinkles....

All Done...

Baylee did the scavenger hunt and got a name badge when she turned it in. Being the awesome big sister that she is, she put Harper's name on the name badge. Harper LOVED it! She loves anything with her name on it!

One last picture of Cooper and Harper...