Love my kids

Love my kids
Afternoon at Disney

Friday, August 12, 2011

Long Time No Blog....

Well we've been home from the most awesome vacation ever for about a month now. After two weeks away it sure was nice to come back home (and to a clean house) but this house is starting to feel no quite like home anymore. Why? You may ask, because we have decided that we want to move to Knoxville sometime in the next 6 months. Which is perfect because my awesome hospital just bought 7 hospitals in Knoxville and the surrounding area.

Vacation was great! We left FL about 1:00 on Saturday morning and since we had two weeks ahead of us we took our time getting to VA, we actually stopped at a few stores in the Charlotte/Statesville area which we've never done before since we normally go through there about 4am or about 11pm on the way back. The kids were supper excited to get to VA and get to walk around on the grass with their shoes off! Cooper discovered the tree and we spent the next few days trying to keep him out of it:

The kids also enjoyed catching lightening bugs. Of all three kids COOPER was scarred of them at first, he didn't want to touch them! But by the time we left he got pretty good at it. We played in the creek, which was cold! Cooper caught a crawdad, and said "look, I got a baby lobster"...oh my Florida boy! The kids also got to spend time with their cousins, Baylee couldn't wait to see Gabby, Harper wanted to play with Aubree and Cooper kept asking for Brody and his big cousin Matthew! We were there for the 4th of July too. Big thanks to David and Marcy for letting us come over and watch the fireworks, we had a great time and a pretty awesome view! 

We left VA Wednesday morning and made our way to the Great Smoky Mountains...of course even with the GPS we took a few wrong turns or as I like to think of it....the scenic route! The time we spent in Gatlinburg and the mountains around it was just awesome. We did lots and lots of fun things! We hiked to a waterfall, went to a music show, went to Dollywood, done ziplining, played in the river, saw a momma bear and 3 cubs, went to Cade's Cove, and did some gem mining (twice). Since I don't want to go overboard with the pictures, I'll share some of my favorite:

Baylee ziplining, I'm so proud of her! She's kind of a scaredy cat so this was a big accomplishment for her:

Cooper ziplining, he's not really scared of anything so he really enjoyed himself!

Baylee wanted to eat at Dick's Last Resort! We all had so much fun reading everyone's hats:

Baylee feeding the geese and ducks at the Old Mill in Pigeon Forge:

Starting our morning off in Dollywood:

Harper sitting on a big rocking chair:

Cooper's new name is Cooper Wet Bottom:

2 of the 3 baby cubs we saw, they were playing in the river behind our hotel! How cute are they?

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Vacations don't get much better than this one!